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How old is your son? Bjorne was a sickly child and was mollycoddled by his parents. He is my good partner. Loren is the same age as I am. I was your age once. Do you study English? I'll be busy all next week.

Nici said you would come. I wanna have your babies. Dan shouted out a racist insult. We agree to your proposal.

Play outside instead of watching TV. The coast was warned against a tsunami. I said I'd tell you the truth. Raanan put two pieces of bread into the toaster. William was green behind the ears when it came to defending himself in court. Oscar hasn't played the guitar for years. My mind is torn and undecided. Is there any difference between your idea and hers? I wonder if you don't get tired of doing the same thing every day. I'll stay right here.

It's likely to rain soon. How quickly can you finish these pictures? My neighbour is annoyed with me because he could not convince me to buy his old car from him. I, too, will come in about ten minutes. I wonder if you have ever really cared for me.

I'm staying at the Hilton Hotel. I'm alright. This fish is delicious. He lived there by himself. It is very far as far as I know. I wish I could speak French half as well as you can. I don't understand what all of the fuss is about.

The law has been changed. I want to know if you know who killed him. She's not just friendly but also generous. I feel sad every now and then. You shouldn't tease him. Clyde Tombaugh was born on a farm in Illinois. His father was a farmer. I tried to invent new sentences. Skeeter's speech was hilarious. Whichever you choose, you will be satisfied.

That man died of lung cancer one week ago. Claudio couldn't help noticing that Rajesh was staring at him. I should've stayed with him. I need help carrying them. Let me help with that. Can you see Marsha right now? Robert had nothing to drink. She had twins. My mother gave me a sewing machine.

I have no time to help you with the work. I saw a doctor this morning. Orville told me to think for myself. The truck is gone. Betsy is very possessive. Sue is with me. I'd really like to know why this keeps happening. I don't want to see it now. Skiing is my favorite sport. Would you care for a taste?

Well, I did a nice job painting the ceiling, if I do say so myself. In hockey and soccer, goals are counted as points. I know it's kind of late, but would you mind if I came over now? I have something I need to discuss with you. I have to do something before it's too late. I think you should choose them. That sukiyaki dinner was a real treat. I declined for personal reasons. Scallops are on sale today.

Could it be worse ? The manager for regional operations in Brazil is sick and wont come for our meeting tomorrow. I asked Cathrin why he wasn't happy. Have you ever been fat? I have a blue car. The money was stolen along with the bonds. I'm not a genius. Victor hasn't been in Boston long. He stuck to his job.

I was invited to their wedding. We roared with laughter. Are you a complete idiot? Tell me what's going on here. Christian and his friends played baseball last weekend. Rodger is in the garden, pulling weeds.

We all can do better. He is one of our most experienced chairmen. You may want to tell Radek that. My father doesn't understand me. He acted on my advice. The barbarian is, first and foremost, the man who believes in barbarianism.

Both of the rooms are open. I realized that, having fallen asleep, I had missed my stop. What time are we meeting? Darrell asked me about my job. You're just not the person I thought you were.

I understand you had a fight with Sergei yesterday. You two are harshing my marshmellow. Sid's the man. I won't go easy on them. Loren sold Celia his car. Kim is living with Ken. If a guy buys you a drink in a bar you can be sure he's looking to get laid. Tatoeba: Where sentences are always sentences, except when they aren't. The sun doesn't shine at night. I'm really happy with that.

The decorating isn't bad. I know that wasn't correct. He knows how to pilot a plane. Your wife's on the phone.